Pond Maintenance & Other Services

A garden pond without regular maintenance and care can be unhealthy and unsightly.

We specialise in the regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing of ponds. We are able to perform the following services to assist you in maintaining a healthy and beautiful water feature:

Pond Cleaning Services

fish-in-a-pondWe offer to carry out a full pond clean at any time of the year as and when required. This popular service includes the following (if applicable):

  • Safely move fish to a temporary holding tank
  • Prune and fertilise aquatic plants
  • Drain pond to a specified area
  • Power-wash pond sides bottom and vacuum
  • Pump and filter cleans, uvc bulb change if required
  • Re-fill pond with water to a level safe for aquatic plants and fish
  • Apply water conditioners based on the full pond volume
  • Safely return fish and aquatic plants to pond

We recommend that our customers have a full Pond Clean once a year.

Pond Maintenance

If you want to enjoy your pond or water garden with the minimum amount of work we recommend a monthly service plan, this work can be carried out at intervals to suit you and your requirements.

koi-pondThe maintenance visit includes:

  • Inspection of pump and filtering system(s)
  • Clean filter systems etc and add beneficial supplements (for a healthy, balanced pond)
  • Water quality check
  • Blanket weed removal and control
  • Prune and fertilize pond plants
  • Skim off surface debris
  • Recommendations and advice
  • Monthly direct debit service available for pond servicing and maintenance which includes annual pond cleans
  • Emergency call out service 24 hours a day

Other Services

  • Garden pond design which includes drawings to meet your requirements
  • Pond Construction
  • Pond Restoration
  • Pond Cleaning and maintenance
  • Supply and fit various products including liners, pumps and filter systems
  • Water falls and features
  • Pond fibre glassing
  • Treatment of fish
  • Fish transportation
  • Hire of holding tanks
  • Storage of fish if moving
  • Feeding of fish whilst you are away
  • Planting and stocking of fish
  • Weed control