Pond Liner Replacement

No matter how well a pond has been put together, a pond may acquire a hole for many reasons. Pond liners can be torn, ripped or punctured by any type of animal, person or even a falling rock.

Replacing a pond liner
A brand new pond liner in place

At Perfect Ponds, we can repair or replace pond liners for you.

A full assessment will firstly be carried out by one of our team experts to fully determine the whereabouts and severity of the damaged liner. Once determined the assessor will then decide on the corrective action that is needed to ensure that ultimate care is provided in the repair or replacement of a pond liner.

We can replace and repair pond liners of all sorts of materials, whether it is PVC, rubber, Butyl or fibreglass.

A flexible pond liner material is often the best as it gives the most freedom in terms of shape and depth to get the pond precisely as you wish. Be aware though, not every pond liner is the same. Each type comes with different limitations and benefits, so what suits one pond may not necessarily suit another.

With pond liners available in Butyl, PCV, fibreglass and rubber, there’s a wide range of qualities, thickness and price. The best choice will depend on the type of pond you want and budget available. For instance, PVC is cheaper but the life of the liner can be shorter than other options because it is thinner and tends to tear more easily and is difficult to repair. Butyl is a better choice for larger ponds or in areas where damage resistance is important. Contact us at Perfect Ponds for your pond liner replacement.

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